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· 24 June 2018 ·
[About the closure of my Patreon site]

An experiment that reaches a negative conclusion is not a failed experiment. Though yes may be the desired answer, no is still an answer. Even an explosion can be valid, though it more often indicates that something went awry.

The Patreon site that I set up last summer was an experiment. The experiment has now run its course, and today I shut the site down. There was no explosion, but the date is intentional. (Hint: 1604)

Everything else remains the same. My new writing is still here. My conversations still take place on Twitter. My old writing is still all over the internet, badly misfiled but easy to find. Look under S.

The support I received at Patreon was deeply appreciated, and will not be forgotten. To those who contributed, thank you again.

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