Hamlet and Executions

· 29 October 2015 ·

[A little-known clue to the correct dating of ‘Hamlet’]

Fact: I wrote O, that this too too solid flesh would melt when I couldn’t lace up my favourite doublet, and Dr Lopez told me that I needed to lose fifteen pounds. My leg injury from the fight with Knyvet in ’82 made it hard for me to stay active, and I always had trouble keeping my weight down after that. So annoying.

And yes, for those of you with figuring skills, it means I wrote Hamlet before that lunatic Essex had Lopez executed in ’94, on fabricated charges that the doctor was plotting with Spain to poison Bess. What a crock. Essex was out for revenge because Lopez blabbed about treating him for the pox, as if that news surprised anyone. Bess could never say no to the spoiled brat, until finally, she did.

The 2nd Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux,
loses his head for the last time. I don’t know
what the tonsured priest is doing there, he’s
certainly not C of E, but the picture is
French, what can you do.

Stratfordolators can’t agree amongst themselves when Hamlet was written (“sometime between 1598 and 1601”), because they’re all wrong. There are times when I lose my patience.