Limerick 1: 154 Sonnets Are Enough Already

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06 February 2016
· A new poem about Henry VIII, my first real foray into limericks ·

I was inspired to scribble this yesterday, after watching the catty banter between @KngHnryVIII and @richard_third on Twitter. I must say, Henry could use some Tudoring with his poetry. No ear at all for metre, at least where limericks are concerned. He should stick to his ballads.

I played around with anapaests a bit in some of my old work, but this is my first attempt at a modern limerick. I might have to begin a new cycle. I’ll be signing them this time, and backing them up to the cloud.
L001 image - limerick Henry VIII wives historyHenry’s are cute, but bumpy. Not bad for a hobbyist. I’m talking about his technique– I leave you to judge the content for yourself.Henry Tudor bumpy tweets - limerick Henry VIII wives history