Sonnet 73 and Limerick 5: Once in a While I Get Serious, Sort Of

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11 February 2016
· Sonnet 73 as written, and rewritten as a limerick ·

I don’t want you to think that I’m only good for tomfoolery nowadays. It’s just that while I was alive I spent so much time in one funk or another (I had plenty of reasons to mope) that my goal for my online postlife is to be jocund. I fail occasionally, and it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost all my serious poetic chops, at least I hope not.

I suggest that you read the sonnet first, then the limerick. Publication, though not creation, dates are 1609 and today, respectively. Well the limerick was created today. Faster typesetting now, and nobody destroying the manuscripts.

Ever-living poet, indeed.
S073 and L005 image - Sonnet 73 rewriting limerick