Two Gentlemen of Southeastern England

· 25 April 2016 ·

Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance discuss
The Declaration of Reasonable Doubt

If you know the work of these two esteemed thespians (hint: one of them recently won both a BAFTA and an Oscar), and if you know of their involvement in the Shakespeare Authorship Question, then click on the brand-new video above, and enjoy. If you don’t, then welcome!, and click on the links below, either before or after you click on the video. You may want to poke around this site as well (particulary the reference pages in the sidebar), or just google the SAQ and do some reading. I’m usually preaching to the choir here, but you never know.

I don’t personally think that the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt goes far enough, but being who I am nobody should be surprised by that. I know that its purpose is to do just what it does, and no more. I certainly support it completely, and I hope that this new attention will bear much fruit. Very smart to post the video right after the plethora of Death Day revels which took place last weekend. Very smart indeed. Time to begin repairing the damage.

I do get one quick mention in the video. Don’t blink your ears or you’ll miss it.

Declaration of Reasonable Doubt
at the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition website

Sir Derek Jacobi
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Mark Rylance
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Website –
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National Public Radio (USA) podcast
from Morning Edition, 25 April 2016
7:11 segment with Rylance and Jacobi