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25 April 2016
· Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance discuss The Declaration of Reasonable Doubt ·

If you know the work of these two fine actors (hint: one of them* recently won both a BAFTA and an Oscar), and you know of their involvement in the Shakespeare Authorship Question, then watch this brand-new video and enjoy. If you don’t, click on the links below after you watch the video. As to the topic under discussion – poke around this site, especially the pages in the About menu. I do a lot of preaching to the choir here, but the audience in my mind’s eye, the one I write for, is not yet singing. Or google the Authorship Question and do some reading from there.

The Declaration of Reasonable Doubt’s purpose is to do just what it does, no more. It does not endorse a replacement for Shakspere, it only states that he may need to be replaced. A small first step. Although my own position obviously goes farther than this, I support the declaration and the Coalition’s goal in promoting it. Very smart to post the video right after the Death Day revels that took place last weekend. Time to begin repairing the damage.

I am mentioned only once in the video. Don’t blink your ears or you’ll miss it.

* Though he was not Sir Mark when this post was written, he is now. Rylance was recognised by the Queen in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list for his services to the theatre, and on 19 April 2017 he was knighted by the Duke of Cambridge. Jacobi’s knighthood dates to 1994.