Guest Poet Ben Jonson: To the Reader. Try Again.

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· 04 March 2017 ·
[Jonson’s second attempt at his First Folio introduction]

Ben saw my previous post about the First Folio.

Told me he’s always been disappointed by the “stunning obtuseness” of nearly everyone who’s ever read what he penned for the book.

I especially apologise for all the trouble that preface has caused. I really thought they’d get it. How was I to know they’d need hit over the head with bed slats? Maybe this will help.


Other 01 image - Jonson Folio introduction rewrite

In case you need to refer to the original,

First Folio preface To the Reader by Ben Jonson - Jonson Folio introduction rewrite

I didn’t bring up the elegy. Postlife is too short.

Additional Bed Slats:

  • • my post from 26 April 2019, The Graver’s Strife, about Martin Droeshout and his infamous image of Willy