Limerick 13: Randolph Scott

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24 June 2018
· Tribute to an icon of the celluloid American West ·

Before he rose to stardom in the oaters of the 1930s, Randolph Scott played Metellus Cimber in a production of Julius Caesar at the Pasadena Playhouse. Seventeen lines and a fake knife. The horses were offstage.

  • There was a young man nicknamed Randy
  • Whose appearance all thought was just dandy
  • Played football at GT
  • Then to Hollywood, he,
  • Where his horse-racing skills came in handy

1919 Georgia Tech football team - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

  • As a film star his mien was laconic
  • Cary Grant was his pal, just platonic?
  • If the rumours were true
  • What they both got up to
  • Would for all of their fans be ironic

BFFs Randy and Cary in swimming pool - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

  • On the screen always ready to fight,
  • His quick draw put the bandits to flight
  • Truth and justice prevailed
  • All the outlaws, he jailed;
  • He to ladies was always polite

Poster for The Man Behind the Gun - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

  • When the folks in Rock Ridge, overwrought,
  • Wished for all that a sheriff had ought
  • To be: fearless and strong
  • Honest as day is long
  • Of whom did they all sing? “Randolph Scott!”

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