Limerick 13: Randolph Scott

Banner - Hollywood walk of fame star - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

· 24 June 2018 ·
[Tribute to an icon of the celluloid West]

Before he rose to stardom in the oaters of the 1930s, Randolph Scott played Metellus Cimber in a production of Julius Caesar at the Pasadena Playhouse. Seventeen lines and a fake knife. The horses were offstage.There was a young man nicknamed Randy
Whose appearance all thought was just dandy
Played football at GT
Then to Hollywood, he,
Where his horse-racing skills came in handy

1919 Georgia Tech football team - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

As a film star his mien was laconic
Cary Grant was his pal, just platonic?
If the rumours were true
What they both got up to
Would for all of their fans be ironic

BFFs Randy and Cary in swimming pool - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

On the screen always ready to fight,
His quick draw put the bandits to flight
Truth and justice prevailed
All the outlaws, he jailed;
He to ladies was always polite

Poster for The Man Behind the Gun - limerick Randolph Scott Hollywood

When the folks in Rock Ridge, overwrought,
Wished for all that a sheriff had ought
To be: fearless and strong
Honest as day is long
Of whom did they all sing? “Randolph Scott!”

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