Limerick 14: Jeff’s Journey

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· 24 June 2018 ·
[A limerical biography of a good friend]

People think of limericks as silly poems, but they don’t have to be. A while back I took my Sonnet 73 and rewrote it as a limerick. It was more of a challenge than starting from scratch, but that was the point of doing it. It turned out reasonably well.

This limerick is not silly. The banana slug is another matter.There was a young man, Jeff Falzone
Left the midwestern roots he’d outgrown
California held more
Than home’s riverine shore
On the ocean, the sparkling sun shone

UCSC Banana Slug mascot - limerick story Jeff Shakespeare

So to college at UCSC
Psycholinguistics, psychology
Then grad school. After that
The career these begat
Helping others, with kind empathy

Work in Oregon came to fruition
Leaving time for a second position
So he got a job here
And that led to de Vere
From a nagging Who’s Shakespeare? suspicion

There were too many holes in the story
Of the self-taught Warwickshireman’s glory
Jonson’s Soule of the Age?
Bard of poem and stage?
Common sense countered myth trite and hoary

OSF Elizabethan stage at dusk - limerick story Jeff Shakespeare

©2010 Win Goodbody

As Jeff watched OSF’s dramas played,
In his mind new conclusions were weighed
Stories so full of truth
Biographical sleuthing
Found answers well fit to persuade
Orange Sonnets Die - limerick story Jeff Shakespeare
Learned by heart all the Sonnets, did he
Helped by friends in ACNGB
3D printed a die
Roll a number, reply!
One to one-fifty-four, correctly

Many people say Oxford’s not who
Earned the credit that Shake-Speare is due
Yet his life fired his art:
If you keep them apart
Who comes out the real loser? Just you

But without proof like manuscripts (dated)
Authorship spats go on unabated
Jeff’s not bothered by this
Peace of mind’s not amiss
Shakespeare, living, is what’s celebrated

©2017 @edevere17 all rights reserved

adapted from content previously posted on
Patreon on 20 September 2017