Limerick 16: A Sirius Question

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12 August 2019
· Heliacally rising in a northern sky near you ·

Among the infinity of things I learned from Sir Thomas Smith when I was a boy at Ankerwycke: how to look at the sky, what to look for, and when. Now being the proper time of year, Sirius the Dog Star came to mind. I gave him some exercise.

I don’t consider a mostly-silly poem referencing anthropogenic causes for changes to the planet to be controversial or out of place. If you do, so be it. Controversy and I, we have heard the chimes at midnight. But this is as current-events preachy as you’re ever likely to see me, and it’s not very. I know preachy, I’ve lived with Puritans.

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  • Banner photo:
    Sirius rising before dawn over Glastonbury Tor, 2012, Ben Birchall/PA []