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· 24 November 2019 ·
[Hello Redditors, and a worthwhile new post/video]

A record-setting tsunami of visitors has been arriving on the blog today, after Henry IV and the Holy Grail was linked on r/todayilearned. As a result I’ve been scrambling to get my eponymous pudding off the front page. Not that anything is wrong with the post or the pudding (it’s delicious), but as Shakespeare Authorship goes it isn’t terribly on point. Time is tight but the following extempore topic will do nicely.

One of the presentations at the recently-held annual conference of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship was made by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes, an independent Oxfordian scholar whose fine work is always on point. Her presentation was entitled:

Why Is It Taking So Long to Get the Truth Out?

Why indeed.

Stephanie has posted the presentation’s text on her blog, politicworm. Here’s the direct link. If you prefer watching to reading, Bob’s your uncle. (Cecil joke. It should make sense after the video.)

My thanks to the SOF for recording and posting the video, and to Stephanie.