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08 June 2022
· Tongue in cheeky with a little help from my friends ·

And now, from the Second-Best Room at the legendary Magic Pub–

–presenting that peregrinating pair of performers from the land of saints and scholars, back from their latest smash(ed) tour of Italian wine bars, here to enchant us with their lyrical stylings–

–please welcome Cailín and Mícheál!

The Magic, that popular public house where the brightest stars in Queen Elizabeth’s intellectual firmament constellated among the unluminous for pickle-herring and brain-picking. The story of the Magic’s most storied picker is told by Thomas Price:

coronet-spacerBe good to your waitstaff and bartenders, they do the real magic that makes your Magic experience an enjoyable one.

book cover, Educating ShakespeareA non-cheeky third-person moment to note a new book by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes, Educating Shakespeare: What he knew and how and where he learned it. A rational exploration of facts on the ground as the author grew up and into his voice, Educating Shakespeare identifies the non-magic ways that his great erudition could and could not have been acquired. The book is an education of its own. (details follow the post in Sources)
Bards and Bardesses, let’s hear it for Cailín and Mícheál– the Second-Best Room wouldn’t be Second-Best without them. And a big hand also for Thomas Price, for his inspired and inspiring Second-Best video.

Magic Pub microphoneTomorrow night the mikeIt's is open– come with your ears open to listen in on what other Magicians are doing and saying. Who knows what you might pick up! Rumour has it that a special guest may drop by to give us a sonnet and a book discount. The kitchen will be featuring our As You Like It mixed grill served with Knight’s Honour potato pancakes and not without mustard.

Don’t forget, Saturday is the Magic Open darts tournament, now in its 102nd year. Cash prizes and only a few spots are left– sign up at the bar, then step up to the oche and aim for the boarseye.

So come back soon for more Magic– until then, enjoy the rest of your evening, travel home safely, and keep the faith!Doggerel
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(Sometimes you have to take one for the joke.)

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  • • Cailín and Mícheál have appeared on the blog before, albeit sans piano. In Venice in 2015 at the end of their first Smashed Tour, they made a serendipitous discovery of something that temporarily belonged to me in 1575. It was quite a find. I wrote about it with some of my own recollections added, in Doodling and Noodling (24 Aug 2017).
  • • Hard to know whether this bit of japery is an outlier, when my music series has as yet but two installments. Play On 1: Musing About Musicals (08 Sept 2021) played it straight with some of the music in my plays, as well as some modern musicals they’ve inspired.


  • I Love My Shaksper
  • · vocal, Coleen Moriarty
  • · piano, Michael Delahoyde, PhD, Professor of English, Washington State University []
  • · lyrics ©2016 Michael Delahoyde all rights reserved

Magic management acknowledges that 480p video falls short of expected Second-Best standards. Our recording equipment is due for an upgrade prior to the next Magic broadcast. Like Anne Hathaway, our patrons and viewers deserve nothing but the Second-Best.

  • I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me) [YouTube]
  • · vocal, Aileen Stanley; ukulele, Billy Carpenter
  • · music, Harry Warren; (original) lyrics, Bud Green (1925)
  • Microphone image
  • · #4623037
  • ·cc-by-nc-nd