Italy in Shake-Speare’s Footsteps

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2 December 2022
· An exclusive excerpt from A Rose By Any Other Name ·

It’s a special treat when generous friends allow me to share their talents with you. June saw a song from Cailín and Mícheál, and now the year ends with Rose Loughlin performing an excerpt from her solo stage show A Rose By Any Other Name.

Unless you’ve seen the show this is your first chance at a peek, or to be precise an enhanced listen. Rose narrates her quest to trace steps I took in Italy in 1575, as she considers and connects with Italian influences in my plays. I’ve combined her audio with some of her travel snaps and a few others. None are mine, my camera was out of battery film existence.

Mille grazie a Rosa, e buone feste a tutti.

Running time ~19 minutes.
There are no subtitles, but
for hearing-impaired viewers
here is a transcript

More about A Rose By Any Other Name and its creator-performer can be found in my post Oxfordian Rose at the Fringe. Based in Dublin, Rose can be contacted via:

Twitter: @shakesmonologue
Instagram: @shakespearedevere

Text and video narration
©2022 Rose Loughlin all rights reserved
other attributions in video credits

Looking ahead to 2023

One of the reasons this blog has no paywall is to dispel deadlines. All of you readers are my precious audience now, but I pay the costs myself (helped by a few much-appreciated donations) so that I can write as time allows, without the obligations of a schedule. I have recently undertaken a large project entirely relevant to my authorship as Shake-Speare, but not primarily intended for the blog. Due to this you will likely see shorter or fewer new posts for a while. I’m not disappearing– as always I’ll post when and what I can, but I’m prioritising the other work. If you’d like to be notified directly when anything new is posted you can subscribe via email or WordPress using the buttons at the bottom of the sidebar. Early days yet but I hope to have more to say about the project later. Thank you for being here, and for sticking around.

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Sources and additional reading

  • Villa Foscari [] (English and Italian)
  • · Archive with links to images of frescos by room