Limerick 18: Ode for the De Vere Society

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· 16 September 2020 ·
[Lauding the new DVS website, with a peek at my picture]

As the apparel oft proclaims the man, the website oft proclaims the organisation. Until last week the De Vere Society’sI don’t capitalise the d in de Vere but the DVS does, most of the time. I’ll go with their D for this post. online presence has been modest, low-key. Not any longer. They’ve raised their visibility with a complete re-design of The new site is copiously informative and quite handsome to look at. I say this not at all because it features a flattering update to my portrait. Perhaps slightly because.

The DVS has graciously permitted me to borrow their neo-Vere. See how they’ve spruced me up.

Welbeck portrait, orig and DVS 2020 updated rendition - De Vere website odeLeft: Welbeck — Right: DVS
The hat was beyond redemption.

The ‘original’ portrait, known as the Welbeck, is actually a 17th-century copy of the now-lost painting I sat for in Paris in early 1575, before heading on to Italy. I was just shy of twenty-five. As I’ve explained elsewhere, prior to my departure from England my wife had obtained my promise to send a portrait home as quickly as possible, so she’d have it to look at while I was away. We both knew I’d be gone a while.
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The occasion of the site’s début called for some commemorative verse. Simon Armitage may be Poet Laureate, but I beat him to the punch.

Ode on the launching of the
De Vere Society’s new website

  • Here we are, the Society de Vere
  • Says with their brand new website’s premiere
  • Up to date, re-designed,
  • In its pages you’ll find
  • The life of the true Author, Shake-Speare
  • Oxford’s not the ‘Shakespeare’ widely known,
  • The one Stratford declares as its own.
  • When you learn de Vere’s history
  • Shake-Speare’s no mystery—
  • William? The fable? Outgrown.
  • This the DVS members submit:
  • That the case for de Vere is legit
  • And that doubts with good reason
  • Are not Shakespeare treason
  • But looking for answers that fit
  • All are welcome to join DVS
  • And to Oxford as Shake-Speare say yes
  • Think anew, then discard
  • Stratford’s notional Bard
  • With each person who does, we progress.

©2020 @edevere17 all rights reserved

Go have a look at the shiny new site. You can also find the DVS on Facebook and Twitter.

Think anew. Say yes.

Don’t forget to tell them how much you like that portrait.
coronet spacer - De Vere website ode
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Ever thanks to the DVS for allowing me to post the new me.