re Limerick 14 – Jeff’s Journey

· 21 September 2017 ·

[About a new poem posted on my Patreon site]

Unless Doctors Spengler and Stantz can convince me that total protonic reversal is lethal to the already-dead, I will occasionally be crossing the streams from this blog and my Patreon site. Not to duplicate content, but I may announce at one place what’s been posted at the other, when it’s special enough to merit the mention. Like now.

I wrote an eight-stanza limerick, for and about my favourite Banana Slug. (You held out on me, Jeffrey, you know I’d have used that.) The poem describes the path toward Oxford that’s been trodden by our hero, who is not actually a mollusc. The path ends for now in Oregon, but the journey continues. It’s The Passionate Pilgrim’s Progress, minus 99% of the words.

Or the text link, if you prefer:

Patron Limerick for Jeff Falzone []

The limerick will eventually end up behind Patreon’s patron-wall due to the way things are organised over there, but for the rest of this month the page is set to Public, and you can read the poem without having to sign up or log in or make a pledge to help me pay my WordPress bill. Not that you can’t do those things, just that you don’t have to. Please feel free, if you’re so inclined. That would be lovely.

I may be partial, but I think it’s worth one extra click to travel on your own small journey to read about Jeff’s.

30 September edit: Jeff’s poem is behind the patron-wall now. The Patron Limerick for Randy Scott is set to Public as a sample, though. 

For the Culturally Deprived: