To Thine Own Self Be True

Doodles I made of my signature in Italian and Latin, Venice, June 1575.
Found in the Venetian archives and photographed by Dr Michael Delahoyde, summer 2015.

Edward de Vere

Born 12 April 1550 – died 24 June 1604
(I prefer the conventional dates. Saves a lot of explaining, and raised eyebrows.)

• 17th Earl of Oxford
• Lord Great Chamberlain of England
• Viscount Bulbeck (sometimes spelled Bolbec)
• Baron Scales and Badlesmere
• Lord Sanford

I wrote all of it. Of course I did. Honestly, it’s so obvious. If you want my case bounded in a nutshell, or at least bounded in one webpage, you could do worse than to start by reading this.

Nutshells aside, I don’t want to fill this blog with arcane details from my life, nor with esoteric deduction and disputation concerning my literary legacy. There are many websites that do fine jobs with those things – a bit of googling will return enough to keep you busy for months. (Just this one site will do it. Makes my head spin. Impressive work.)

I’ll leave the academic arguing to the academics. They enjoy it so much, and they get paid for it. If you’re here, it’s a safe bet that you know what the Shakespeare Authorship Question is. I may be the Earl of Oxford, but this isn’t exactly Oxford Street in terms of random visitor traffic. Though I do get a few wandering poets now and again, which is nice.

After four centuries, being dead is boring. I want to have a little fun, and make you think a bit. What you think is up to you. Don’t take anything as gospel just because it’s popular, or has a big budget, or because some erudite fellow selling books wants you to think like he does. There’s a whole lot out there that you haven’t been taught. Teach yourself.
Question everything
Do your homework thoroughly
Make up your own mind