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A poem for malignant visitors, the bots and the bozos, who are less than kin and less than kind. If you’re not one of these, you’ve landed on this unlinked page by accident– please use the index or the search box in the sidebar to find what you’re looking for. If you’re one of the malignants, read on.

  • Information you’ve tried to locate
  • Sits behind this poetical gate
  • But the gate has been locked
  • Your IP likely blocked
  • So please take some advice from me straight:
  • Close the tab, leave the site, don’t come back
  • Find some other Shakespeare to attack
  • Better yet, you should quit
  • Go do something legit
  • As a burglar you haven’t the knack.

  • Banner:
  • Bug Zapper (detail) [flickr.com]
  • · by David Keyzer, 30 July 2007
  • · cc-by