Most Select and Generous

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I have wonderful readers. A most select and generous few have offered to contribute. If you would like to join them: There is no subscription, no predetermined amount, no premium content held hostage. No pressure on anyone, including me. More like a tip jar than payment or patronage.

Most of my online costs are paid in US Dollars (USD), so that’s my preferred currency. PayPal handles conversions seamlessly. Gold sovereigns are also welcome but please, no Canadian mining shares.

My direct costs include the recurring fees for the site’s domain and hosting (WordPress business account, though I’m definitely not a business), a couple of subscription plug-ins, and the purchase of source material or stock images when I’m unable to exhume or create what I need for free. I also contribute to a few fee- or donation-based websites that help me do what I do.

Donations are the blog’s only means of offsetting even a portion of its expenses. After four and a half centuries I still haven’t figured out how to make more money than I spend. I truly appreciate every donation, as well as the fact that you’re here.

Ever thanks.