Poem: Mommy, by Prince Hamlet

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13 July 2020
· Accompanies the post Verse In Time To Come ·

Hamlet wrote poetry. We have this example in his letter to Ophelia, read aloud by my prating father-in-law her prating father in Act II, Scene 2:

Hamlet's Doubt Thou quatrain FF - Hamlet Poetry Plath Daddy

A solid little quatrain in iambic trimeter. Makes its point well.

Imagine Hamlet here today. Not an old ghost, but the current version of himself, a privileged prince of roughly millennial vintage. (I did not write him thirty years old. Some other time.) Without a doubt Young Hamlet would have a blog. He would update it with similar bits of metered rhyme, and urgent surges of angst-ridden free verse. Knowing the fellow as well as I do, I figure the latter might look like this.

Mommy Hamlet poem after Sylvia Plath Daddy

Here’s one that I posted quite a while ago. Hamlet is again the speaker, so you’d be likely to find it on chameleonsdish.dkNo I didn’t register the domain, but I thought about it.. The limericked version of To be, or not to be:

Ever thanks to Sylvia-with-a-y (Plath), who had her own parental issues.

Banner: Laurence Olivier as Hamlet, Eileen Herlie as Gertrude, 1948.