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2 February 2023
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July 4th will mark 400 years since the death of late-Tudor composer William Byrd. Some melodious folks have created a website to honour Will’s life and art. In the Stories section, people share personal connections to the music. I am the newest and the oldest contributor.

A Goodly Manor For A Song
by yours truly
posted at Byrd Central
(the date says Jan 11 but it just went up)

or if you’d rather stay here,
A Goodly Manor For A Song
(local page, posted mid-May)

The story augments my post A Flourish With Drums and Trumpets from 2018, adding new (old) details that focus more on Byrd than Bard. The quote from the play remains because it’s the point of the thing, but the S word appears only between the lines. A feather is sometimes more effective than a bed slat.

NB: This is not related to the ‘large project’ that I mentioned at the end of last year. That bestia is ongoing.

2023 also marks 400 years since the First Folio was registered with the Stationers. 8 November 1623, the closest known date to its publication. You may want to begin building your ark now, to be ready for the flood of effluent to come from the Avon.