Tangent: Legends of the Fart

· 10 June 2016 ·

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· A Lot of Hot Air (10 June 2016)

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You didn’t think I was going to use the f-word either, did you. I’m not repressed, I’m just polite.

Interesting piece.

One caveat: don’t take the ‘headnote’ quote concerning a more recent (1957) edition of Brief Lives as gospel, any more than the updated volume itself. What is it with these editors of Aubrey, don’t they do any work of their own? It doesn’t look like Oliver Lawson Dick bothered to learn any more about my life than Andrew Clark did decades earlier, though Lawson Dick was less hung up about his vocabulary.

It’s so much easier to rely unquestioningly upon received wisdom.

There’s an analogy there.