The Apian Demiſe of the Accurſed ſ

Banner - Ariel on flowers - typography medial ſ Tempest

01 March 2018
· Tempest-uous typographical trivia ·

There are times when I waxe noſtalgicke for the olde ſpellinges, but never do I miſſe the long or medial ſ, which I am happy to ſay I helped to kill. You may chooſe to believe it or not as you wiſh, but the following ſtory of the ſucking bee is goſpel.

Possible replacement with short s story - typography medial ſ Tempestfrom The Gradual Disappearance
of the Long S in Typography

Tempest FF Ariel quote sucking bee - typography medial ſ Tempestfrom The Tempest, Act 5, Scene 1, in the First Folio

Mathematicians since Leibniz have used the ∫ form for integrals. They can have it.

And if you think I didn’t know what I was writing at the time I wrote it, you might be on the wrong page. Try this one.

Sources/Additional Reading

  • • Banner image: a very come-hithery Ariel []
  • · from The Works of Shakspere, with notes by Charles Knight, 1873