The Apian Demiſe of the Accurſed ſ

· 01 March 2018 ·
[Tempest-uous typographical trivia]

There are times when I waxe noſtalgicke for the olde ſpellinges, but never do I miſſe the long or medial ſ, which I am happy to ſay I helped to kill. You may chooſe to believe it or not as you wiſh, but the following ſtory of the ſucking bee is goſpel.

from The Gradual Disappearance
of the Long S in Typography

from The Tempest, Act 5, Scene 1, in the First Folio

Mathematicians since Leibniz have used the ∫ form for integrals. They can have it.

And if you think I didn’t know what I was writing at the time I wrote it, you might be on the wrong page. Try this one.

Sources/Additional Reading

  • • Banner image: a very come-hithery Ariel []
  • · from The Works of Shakspere, with notes by Charles Knight, 1873